The bakery takeover!

The takeover starts!

A little background about this blog: I was part of the founding of the first grain-free, gluten-free bakery in the US.  It’s still in operation; in fact, you can order from the new proprietor here.  It’s been a couple of years since we sold it to Liz so I’m sure all the recipes have changed, but she’s still carrying on the grain-free gluten-free thing that frankly, I never really understood.

Side note: even though all the recipes have been modified, the logo is still the same as the one I designed way back in 2011.  Maybe I should have gone into graphic design?

I never understood grain-free, gluten-free because I never had a problem with wheat and flour and sugar and everything that makes a good pastry what it is.  Sure, don’t binge on seven croissants for breakfast because that’s just not good for you on a common-sense level, but in my mind, if you don’t have a diagnosed case of celiac disease then there’s no need to avoid some bread with dinner, or pasta, or cereal for breakfast, or dammit, a pastry or croissant.  We all grew up with these things and let’s face it, we love them and crave them on some level.  It’s about balance and avoiding seven croissants for breakfast that make bread – bread! the stuff that we bond over as a family, that which mops up the extra sauce at the bottom of our plates, the aroma of which as it bakes makes me swoon – a treasured part of my diet.

I’m not giving it up and like some more of the extremist-minded folk among us, you can have it when you pry it from my cold… you know.

I’m getting back into my kitchen and baking up some of my favorites and bringing you all along for the ride.  Get yourself some jam or chocolate spread and join me as we all get reacquainted!

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