The bakery takeover!

Traditional British scones

Pinkies up, everyone!

My lovely wife, despite being grain-free, is a very lovable woman and happens to have been born in London.  Furthermore, she moved to Perth, Australia (or rather, she was forced by her Mum and Dad to move) when she was seven years of age and remained in Oz until she was in her early thirties.  She was again forcibly moved (or highly encouraged, anyway) to make the trip to the US, where we finally met fifteen years after the fact and fell in love, started this grain-free bakery, sold it, got married and have been enjoying wedded bliss ever since (almost two years now!).  That’s a long way to say that she hasn’t had proper British scones since she moved away from The Land Down Under.  She recalled them fondly and compared those breakfast delicacies to the monstrosities that are American-style scones, with their mix-ins and syrupy flavors.


This seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring her back to the grainy/gluteny side, so I found a great recipe for proper British scones and decided today was the day to try it out.  After making the conversions to American units and mixing up a batch of self-rising flour, I whipped up a batch of doughy goodness in about ten minutes.  After 12 minutes in the oven, they were golden brown and delicious, risen high as the sky, and their aroma as they baked filled the kitchen with that all too-familiar scent that had been missing for so long.  They were the perfect vehicle for a little whipped cream and some homemade strawberry jam, and even though she didn’t actually try one, my wife said that they looked amazing (albeit a little big, but this is America so that’s OK) and she had to admit that they smelled like what she had remembered from so long ago.


I’m still working on her, but you should definitely try out these scones and see how different they are from the maple-walnut-cranberry-orange-blueberry-mixeverythingthatwehavethatmightbebreakfasty half-pound bombs that we call breakfast items here in the states. You may find that a little restraint makes for a more satisfying morning!  Enjoy with a cup of strong coffee or tea if you must.

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One thought on “Traditional British scones

  1. So traditional so nice !!! 🙂


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