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My Italian fantasy

Way back in my late teens, after a lackluster high school experience, I was ready to get the heck out of Auburn, Maine and see something different.  I was sick of school and I didn’t even take the SAT; rather, I was determined to join the Army and see Europe.  My Mom wasn’t too happy with my decision, but she didn’t stand in my way and in October 1987, I left home for basic training in Alabama (of all places.)


When I signed up, Uncle Sam asked where I’d like to be stationed after training.  I knew that I wanted to a.) go to Europe, b.) preferably Italy, and c.) anywhere away from Maine.  A. and C. became a reality; however, I never got to go to Italy.  I’m not sure where the fantasy came from, but it seemed to me that life there was as good as it got: great food, beautiful women (keeping in mind that I was 18 at the time,) and a different way of life that seemed to be more about living in the present and enjoying every day.  Since I still haven’t made it there, that fantasy still exists and all I have are Italian food and wine to momentarily quench it.


This recipe from Lidia Bastianich helped me to feel Italian for the day as I baked up a delicious hazelnut torte and made some zabaglione to go along with it.  In my fantasy, my lovely wife and I have had friends and family over for a big Sunday dinner and are relaxing in the afternoon with a slice of this torte and a cup of coffee as the ladies chat and the men take in a soccer football match.  I know this is how things go down in Italy all the time.  If it isn’t, don’t tell me; let me have my fantasy.


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2 thoughts on “My Italian fantasy

  1. I just found your blog in the “baking” tag and it’s amazing! Your photography is great and the writing is so straightforward.
    I had the chance to live in Italy when I studied art at the Vatican. I think you did them justice with your baking skills 🙂


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