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Les petits gateaux de chocolat tortoise and the BR mancrush


In the week leading up to making turtle brownies, I saw in my Reader feed no less than three other bloggers who made turtle brownies.  Imagine my disappointment at having missed the memo and not making these sooner.  I decided to go through with my plans to bake them this week anyway, but I’m calling mine Les petits gateaux de chocolat tortoise to distinguish mine from the other very worthy options out there.

My first time trying the Turtles candy was a revelation: chocolate, pecans, and caramel combined in a cute little bite-size package that enchanted my taste buds and quickly became my favorite candy of all time.  I’d still choose it (or another style of small-t turtle made by another confectioner) over almost any other type of candy whenever I’m looking for a sweet treat.


I prefer a dense, chewy style of brownie to the more cake-y style because the ones I remember from my childhood are those that stuck to your fingers as you ate them, and eating one took some effort as I chewed and savored the fudgy texture and the intense chocolate flavor.


In the David Lebovitz book The Perfect Scoop is a recipe for dense, chewy brownies that is just beyond this world.  When I spied this recipe upon perusing my wife’s cookbook collection, I filed it away in the back of my mind to come back to when I was ready to try my petits gateaux turtle brownies.  Suffice to say, I think it was a successful union and I hope the pictures do them justice.  Served with the vanilla ice cream recipe from the same book, these were elevated from just mere treats to cult-like status.  “Do you remember those turtle brownies you made in August?  Those were seriously… oh my God!”


As an aside, David Lebovitz holds quite the sway over the Bakery Rebellion and former gluten-free kitchen.  Everything we’ve made out of his books have come out just perfect, and the exclamation, “That guy is a fking genius!” is bandied about often as we try his creations.  We talk about him as though he’s an old friend – “He was in the US on a book tour recently.”  “Oh yeah? Did he come to Boston?”  “I’m not sure, but he’s back in Paris now.”  “Well, we’ll have to go visit him there!” – and we feel like we have more than just a passing knowledge of him just by cooking up his recipes.  For those reasons, David Lebovitz is the BR mancrush – if you’re reading this, David, just know that we are loyal devotees.  And, your vanilla ice cream recipe is amazing!  Let us know when you’ll be in Boston next!

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3 thoughts on “Les petits gateaux de chocolat tortoise and the BR mancrush

  1. Lovely styling! These look scrumptious! 😍


  2. Great blog and amazing pictures!


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