The bakery takeover!

Coconut cream mini bundt cakes with chocolate ganache

Some of my baking endeavors are more a mission to use up some of the ingredients that have been sitting in the fridge and need to be used before they go off.  This is one such endeavor.


This is a hard time of year to do anything but holiday-related baking.  Pies, cakes, tortes, scones, muffins; they all tend to have some combination of pumpkin, cranberries, and/or walnuts.  I love them all and I love this time of year, but sometimes it’s nice to break out of the holiday theme and bake something that’s not labelled as “Thanksgiving X” or “Christmas Y.”


So, two birds fed with one bird feeder, as a boss of mine used to (and probably does still) say.  I found a recipe online that I could base my own cakelets on and used my mini bundt pan for the first time!  I ended up halving the recipe and got twelve mini bundt cakes.  The coconut cream cheese frosting sounded delicious, but I like chocolate with my coconut and decided to make a dark chocolate ganache (I considered white chocolate but couldn’t find any at the supermarket) to smear over the tops of these lovelies.  (An aside: chocolate melted in warm cream and spread over a cake – so simple but so decadent!  Whoever invented ganache should be given a medal.) A little toasted coconut to garnish, and voila!  A tasty little dessert or snack (I’m about to have one after I finish this post!) that isn’t holiday themed but welcome nonetheless.


Bake some for yourself and enjoy some non-holiday goodness!


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8 thoughts on “Coconut cream mini bundt cakes with chocolate ganache

  1. So cute and lovely! *tummy rumbles*

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  2. Looking delicious as always :)!


  3. I have to say, i was slightly sleepy when i opened the page, but my eyes opened wide as soon as i saw the pictures.

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