The bakery takeover!


Thanks for landing on my shiny new blog!  How fortuitous for both of us!

I know you: you like a well-made loaf of hearth-baked bread, an artfully presented dessert after a big pasta dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant, or a pastry for breakfast.  I know you because I am among you.  We’re okay with a little flour, sugar, butter, and egg coming together to create a flavor sensation in our mouths.  We enjoy having cereal for breakfast, just like when we were kids.  We get a little loopy when we smell the scent of fresh bread baking.  And we’re tired of feeling guilty for it.

I’m leading the charge (figuratively) to reinstate our kitchens to what we knew as kids as Mom baked up a pie.  To reject the proliferation of gluten-free baked goods that are popular for their trendiness, not for their flavor or texture.  To reclaim a little familiarity and comfort in our everyday meals.  Because what’s the use of living until we’re 103 if we have to eat sawdust to do it?

Join me as we get reacquainted with our favorite grainy, gluteny baked goods and live joyously as we eat every last crumb!

You can contact me at or just leave a comment!  I’m fairly new to this so I’m sure to reply until I get so wildly popular that it’s just untenable to do so.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the “Writing Process Tour” … I hope you don’t mind 🙂 It is not a reward – although I’d love to give you one if I had one to distribute, but it is an invitation to share some thoughts behind your blog and your process. You may read more about it on my submission:

    .. and there’s no pressure to follow up on it. Only if you feel like it.


    • I’ve only just now had a chance to see what this is all about. Thank you for the chance to share some thoughts about my blog. I’ll get something together over the next few weeks and post it as well. Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

      • No worries and no rush 🙂 It’s all meant to be a boost of energy in your own time – and not added pressure. Glad you’re happy about it. Looking forward to reading it!


  2. Love the concept, and your photos are stunning! I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  3. I’ll definitely follow you as you figuratively lead that charge! Awesome blog


  4. Sarah Linden on said:

    Oh how I love this: To reject the proliferation of gluten-free baked goods that are popular for their trendiness, not for their flavor or texture. Thank you!


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